Record and Manage Important Actions

The Pisys Action Tracking system allows actions to be raised and managed within a simple web-based interface.

Manage High Governance Actions

ATMS is perfect for managing important actions - for example HAZOP/HAZID actions, audits etc. - It allows action details to be captured  in a configurable form and assigned to an individual for completion. After the 'action owner' has completed their work, a number of review stages allow comments  and ultimately acceptance or rejection of the action. An attachment facility allows assets relating to the action to be included, and a built-in audit trail keeps track of the entire action lifecycle. Add a comprehensive KPI dashboard and a full suite of reports including a custom report generator and you have everything you need for management of important actions.

Management From Anywhere

The web interface allows simultaneous access by multiple users from anywhere in the world, so wherever your team members are located they stay in touch with their team & tasks. This  means that staff do not have to travel, which reduces CO2 emissions helping you to meet your net zero targets, not to mention saving money and time. Third parties can also access the system with the appropriate permissions. Works well on all browser and device types. Click here for more detailed information

Simple Project Structure

 The Action Tracker allows projects to be organised into sub-projects, tasks, & actions with a well-defined flow when they’re completed, a digital Project Action Log. Tasks can be easily assigned to team members – when they complete, members waiting on the action are notified, & other actions are activated. Project short names can be created and used as part of an action numbering scheme if required.

Control Action Visibility and Access

Each team member can be assigned a role within the system, controlling their access to the data they can see. Key personnel can be given ‘approver’ status, allowing them to sign off tasks when they’re satisfied. Users from other companies can be given access limited to their role - also supports single sign-on.

The Pisys 360 Action Tracker integrates with the Permit to work system and the Task Risk Manager. A full-featured API also allows integration with 3rd party systems – Online and email/telephone support are included in the license fee. Please contact us for more information.